Foto: Inês Pizarro Correira

Kollektiv 3:6 Koeln

Kollektiv 3:6 Koeln

Kollektiv3:6Koeln for contemporary and experimental music, founded in 2017. The collective is consists of instrumentalists and composers.

ÉRMA Ensemble

International collaborative project based in Cologne, Germany consisting of a specialized group of soloists and chamber musicians performing contemporary music.

Foto: Anna Tena

Foto: privat, Sascha Bofinger

Duo Spektral

Sound spectrum for flute and harp. Jennifer Seubel and Marie Claire Junke present with their repertoire and diverse extra instruments the whole sound spectrum of the flute and harp repertoire.

Kollektiv 3:6 Koeln

Duo Noble

The talented and motivated musicians Sally Beck and Jennifer Seubel present unusual flute sounds. Beside the classical repertoire, they present also their self arranged works with piccolo and alto flute and create a whole new sound spectral.

Foto: Nadine Targiel